Angel y Araceli

After being graduated in biological sciences at the University of Salamanca and a master in oenology and agriculture, for Angel Escudero de Gravalos/Rioja began some years of voyage to gain experience and to expand his horizon. Araceli Sanchis of Oliva/Valencia likewise with the diploma in oenology did the same. When the two met for the first time in Cameroon-Africa, they decided to get married and to throw roots in their native land and to create the best wines ever tasted in the Rioja.

In 1995 they bought the old wine cellar in Laguardia - Rioja Alavesa, that was rehabilitated strictly respecting the traditions; thus was founded what today is BODEGAS CASA-JUAN. As the family of Angel lives in the same zone since generations and also posesses vineyards, the entire harvest of grapes is processed in the Winery of Casa-Juan. Thus, all remained in the hands of the family.

Since then, there have passed some 10 years. Angel and Araceli managed to maintain their idealism. Their wines are produced according to traditional methods. Treading the grapes gently instead of mechanical presses. Decanting the wines instead of filtering. The success and growth of the Winery proves them right.